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2019-2020 Results

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2019-2020 Polar Caps Pee Wee C1

There are no game results submitted by the Polar Caps Pee Wee C1 team in our database for the 2019-2020 season. However the following are results for games involving the Polar Caps Pee Wee C1 team that were submitted by their opponents and may or may not involve all games by this team.

Opponent Date Rink Result* Score
Sun Prairie Pee Wee C1 11/02/2019 Madison Ice Arena Tie 1 - 1
Janesville Pee Wee C 11/09/2019 MIA Win 7 - 0
Oregon Pee Wee B 11/10/2019 Oregon Win 2 - 1
Wildcats Pee Wee C1 11/23/2019 The Ice Pond at Waunakee Tie 2 - 2
Verona Pee Wee C 12/07/2019 Madison Ice Arena Win 17 - 0
Patriots Pee Wee C 12/08/2019 Madison Ice Arena Win 3 - 1
Patriots Pee Wee C2 12/14/2019 Lake Delton Win 7 - 1
Middleton Pee Wee B 12/21/2019 cap Ice A Win 11 - 2
Sun Prairie Pee Wee C2 01/04/2020 Sun Prairie Tubbs Win 12 - 0
McFarland Pee Wee B 01/19/2020 McFarland Loss 7 - 4
Ice Wolves Pee Wee A 02/15/2020 Dodgeville Win 6 - 2

*"Win" means the Polar Caps Pee Wee C1 beat the team listed and "Loss" means they lost to the team indicated, regardless if the result was reported by an opponent.