Girls U12 Results

2009-2010 Results

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2009-2010 Junior Fury U12

Opponent Date Rink Result Score R4HC
Game No.*
Janesville Squirt B 11/01/2009 JIA Loss 11-3   0-1-0
Wisconsin Ice Spirit U12 B 12/20/2009 Edwards Ice Arena Loss 10-1   0-2-0
Wisconsin Ice Spirit U12 B 12/27/2009 Madison Ice Arena Loss 4-1   0-3-0
DC Diamonds U12 Girls 01/02/2010 Hartmeyer Loss 12-1   0-4-0
Beloit Squirt C 01/02/2010 Edwards Loss 8-3   0-5-0
Arrowhead U12 01/03/2010 Edwards Loss 6-1   0-6-0
Monroe U12 01/16/2010 Janesville Ice Arena Win 4-0   1-6-0
Beloit Squirt C 01/17/2010 Edwards Ice Arena Loss 4-2   1-7-0
DuBuque U19 01/24/2010 Edwards Tie 4-4   1-7-1
Wisconsin Ice Spirit U12 A 02/13/2010 Madison Ice Arena Loss 12-0 GU12ALL#1 1-8-1
Overall record (W-L-T) = 1 - 8 - 1
*Blank field indicates non-League game. Applies to region 4 Hockey Council League games only.
NOTE: Win means the Junior Fury U12 team beat the opponent listed. Loss means the Junior Fury U12 team lost to the opponent listed.