WCHSHL Rules of Play

Wisconsin Club High School Hockey League
Rules of Play

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Article I. Registration & Eligibility:
  1. The ability to play in WCHSHL is limited to High School 1 or 2, and U-16 teams and players rostered by member organizations. USA Hockey and WAHA rules and guidelines will be used to determine player eligibility, unless noted in the WCHSHL By-Laws or Rules of Play.
  2. Rosters:
    1. Each member organization shall mail, fax, or e-mail their current team(s) roster to the league commissioner by November 30th. All teams must mail, fax, or e-mail their Official U.S.A. Hockey rosters by December 31st or as soon as they are available. No player(s) shall be allowed to float between league teams after December 31st, except for the following:
      1. In case of injury, severe illness, or misfortune, a goalie may float between league teams only with prior notice and approval from the League Commissioner.
      2. In case of injury, severe illness, or misfortune, a player not able to complete the season may be dropped from the team roster for the remainder of that season and replaced by another player. The replacement player is "frozen" to that team, and not allowed to float between another team.
    2. No teams will be allowed to add players to their roster after December 31st of the current season, except as noted above. The league Commissioner will determine the appropriateness and eligibility of any player moving in from another area, transferring from one team to another, or any other player moves.
Article II. Sportsmanship:
  1. Each association, team manager and coach shall be responsible for the conduct of its coaches, players, team officials, parents, and other team representatives at home and away games before, during, and after the game. The WCHSHL promotes the Zero Tolerance Rule. Any infraction of this rule may subject a team or its representative to disciplinary action by the local association and the WCHSHL.
  2. Each team manager and coach shall be obligated to assist game officials and others involved in controlling spectators traveling with the team or when playing at their home rink. Lack of such action could subject the coach, manager, or team to discipline and loss of the game could result.
  3. When the conduct of a spectator interferes with the progress of a match, the referee may invoke penalties as called for in USA Hockey and/or WAHA Rules of Play.
  4. Each association/team shall have an official discipline authority committee. It is their responsibility to protect the integrity of the association and WCHSHL by seeing that all imposed penalties are adhered to.
  5. The official committee shall notify the Commissioner within there (3) days of the action taken.
  6. This action will be reviewed by the Commissioner, who may impose additional disciplinary action.
Article III. Season and Schedule:
  1. For the inaugural WCHSHL season, league teams will play each other team once. There will not be a "home and away" scheduling format for this season; each team will schedule an equal number of home and away games, independent of whom the opponent is.
  2. After the first season of WCHSHL play, league teams will play teams in their division twice, and may use a "hub weekend" or "home and away" scheduling format. League play will typically begin in November, and end no later than the last weekend before the Cofrin and Mc Guire Cup tournaments.
  3. Scheduling and playing WCHSHL games should take precedence over other games. Teams shall fully participate in league and championship games.
  4. Each team shall have at least one (1) scheduler present at the scheduling meeting. A fine of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) will be deducted from the performance bond of each team absent from the meeting.
  5. Schedule Changes:
    1. No one is authorized to change schedules without notifying the league scheduler. All changes, including the rescheduled date and time, must be reported to the league scheduler, at least two weeks prior to the regularly scheduled game.
    2. In the event that a team desires to cancel a game, the cancelling team must contact the opposing team scheduler at least two (2) weeks prior to the regularly scheduled game.
    3. Cancelled games shall be rescheduled within two (2) weeks of the original date of the game. The team cancelling shall have the greater responsibility to make concessions to the convenience of the non-cancelling team, and make every effort to play the game where originally scheduled. If teams are not able to agree to reschedule the cancelled game, the cancelling team must notify the League Commissioner, and a fine of one hundred twenty five dollars ($125.00) will be deducted from the performance bond of the cancelling team. The Commissioner will determine the party that failed to cooperate, any additional fines, and whether a game forfeit is indicated.
    4. No shows (a team not showing up for a scheduled game) for any reason are the responsibility of the team involved, and will result in the team being fined two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). This fine will be used to pay for ice and referee fees for no shows games, or travel costs for the visiting team if the home team is the no show. The team that shows will automatically win and receive 2 points in the standings.
    5. When a game must be rescheduled due to inclement weather, teams shall reschedule within two (2) weeks of the original date and every effort shall be made to play the game where originally scheduled. Both coaches must confirm in writing to the league office, the action taken. If one coach is not willing to play, he will forfeit the game. If a mutual agreement by the two coaches is reached not to play the game, the game will be recorded as a tie. If no agreement is reached, the game will be recorded as a zero in the standings.
    6. If a game must be ended before the mid point of the second period due to injury or other delay not caused by slow play, the game shall be declared no contest and replayed with the home and visiting teams staying the same. If the game clock is after the midpoint of the second period and the game must be ended, the scorekeeper will note the time remaining on the score sheet. The visiting team coach will have the choice of concluding the stopped game prior to the start of the next regularly scheduled game between the two teams, or rescheduling with the home team at another time.
Article IV. Playing Time:
  1. Playing time is three (3) fifteen (15) minute stop-time periods. It is recommended that the ice be resurfaced between each period, however, the ice may be resurfaced before the game and once during the game if time does not allow for resurfacing after every period.
  2. A six (6) goal deficit will result in running time any time during the game, except when both coaches agree to continue to play the game at stop time. Running time shall be stopped for penalties, injuries, and official time-outs, and started at the ensuing face-off. The game will revert to stop time any time there is not a six (6) goal deficit.
  3. One (1) time-out is allowed per game.
  4. No overtime played for league games.
  5. Score Sheets:
    1. The home team must mail, fax, or e-mail all score sheets to the WCHSHL League within 48 hours of each game. A twenty five ($25) dollar late fee will be assessed from the performance bond for each late score sheet. USA Hockey Score Sheets must be used.
Article V. Officials:
  1. Only USA Hockey or State Association (WAHA/MAHA) registered Officials may officiate Varsity or JV games.
  2. At least a two man referee system (one referee and one linesman) will be used. A three-man system may also be employed.
  3. No parent or child may referee a game in which their child or sibling is a participant. If a team uses a referee that is related, the offending team will forfeit the game in question and the team may be expelled from further play in the WCHSHL. "Referees" are all on ice officials, linesman, and referees. If a team violates this rule, they will forfeit their performance bond.
  4. Due to geographical or population limitations, a team may use a referee for a game, in which the referee's child is a participant, only with the prior approval of the league Commissioner. If a team violates this rule, they will forfeit the game, their performance bond, and may be subject to other discipline determined by the league Commissioner.
  5. If no game official shows up, the coaches may choose a mutually acceptable official (in this case only, a parent may officiate a game which their child is playing in). The score sheet shall be signed by both coaches prior to the game stating that they consent to the official (stating his/her name) who will be used. If a mutually acceptable official is not found, both coaches shall state on the score sheet that the game is "no contest". The teams shall be responsible for ice time and officials to replay the game.
Article VI. Suspensions:
  1. Each team will handle his or her own; however a copy of the score sheet must be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to the league office showing that the suspended player served his/her games. Any suspension may be subject to review by the Commissioner.
  2. A player who receives a penalty in a league game for fighting or fisticuffs shall be suspended from the teams next three scheduled USA Hockey sanctioned games
  3. A player who receives a match penalty in any game is immediately suspended from further league play. Player re-instatement must be granted by the league Commissioner, and may be considered only after the suspended player's league president, and the suspended player, submit their own request for re-instatement in writing to the league Commissioner.
  4. Cases reported where suspensions are not served, according to USA Hockey, WAHA, and WCHSHL rules, will result in forfeiture of the game the player should have sat out.
Article VII. Special Conditions:
  1. Rules of Play can be waived or modified by a three-quarter majority vote of the league team's representatives when it is determined to be in the best interest of the WCHSHL or its individual members.
Article VIII. Admission Prices:
  1. There will be no fees for league games. The league Commissioner will determine admission prices for the Cofrin and Mc Guire Cup tournaments.
Articles IX and X will be re-written after additional discussion at league meetings. The information below is from past seasons.
Article IX. Conference Champion Determination:
  1. Champion determined by counting 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and zero points for a loss in contests that make up the adopted conference schedule.
  2. Tie breaking procedures will be as follows:
    1. Head to head competition
    2. Goal differential of games with each other
    3. Win loss record within the division
    4. Win loss over all record in league
    5. Total goals scored in league
  3. League will send out all-conference nomination forms in late January. All-Star player nominations must be post marked by February 1, on the forms furnished by the league. League office will send out master lists and ballots to member teams. All ballots must be postmarked by February 14, and returned to the league
  4. Voting Procedure:
    1. Teams can not vote for their own players.
    2. Players shall be ranked by position.
    3. Pick 2 goalies, rating them 1-2, with 1 being the best.
    4. Pick 4 defensemen, rating them 1-4, with 1 being the best.
    5. Pick 6 forwards, rating them 1-6, with 1 being the best.
    6. The All-Conference Team will consist of two goalies, six defensemen, and nine forwards per team.
  5. The Cofrin and McGuire Cup Championships will be played during the last weekend of February. Any player who has not participated in at least sixty percent (60%) of their team league games is not eligible to participate in the Cofrin or McGuire Cup Championship games.
  6. The WCHSHL will begin in November and all league games must be played by the Sunday prior to the Cofrin and McGuire Cups.
Article X. Awards:
  1. League Championships: (Varsity & Junior Varsity)
    1. League Season Championships will receive a trophy (1st & 2nd place). The best overall league record will determine league champions.
    2. The top 4 teams in each division will go to the Cofrin and McGuire Cup finals. The Cofrin Cup, McGuire Cup and League trophies shall remain on display at the rink of the team who is the winner of the Cup until the Annual Fall Meeting.

Revised 12-1-10