WCHSHL League Bylaws

Wisconsin Club High School Hockey League
League By-Laws

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Article I. Name:

This organization shall be known as the Wisconsin Club High School Hockey League, referred to hereafter as WCHSHL.
Article II. Purpose:

To promote High School 1 or 2, and U-16 high school hockey in Wisconsin through competitive league play for all teams in the league, and to foster friendly rivalry, good sportsmanship, and cooperation between member associations. The league will operate in accordance with the standards and rules prescribed by USA Hockey, WAHA (Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association), and any other rules determined to be in the best interest of the league.
Article III. Membership:
  1. Conduct
    1. League teams are expected to demonstrate attitudes and conduct compatible with other league teams in matters such as cooperation, adherence to league rules, recruiting and enlisting players, conduct of players, coaches, and parents before, during, and after games, etc. League teams shall comply with all WCHSHL By-Laws and Rules of Play.
  2. Admission
    1. Additional teams may be elected to membership upon a two- thirds majority vote of the member teams. A written or verbal request must be in the hands of the league at least 30 days prior to the spring meeting, if a team wishes to enter the league the following season. The team must send a representative to the league spring meeting.
  3. Participation:
    1. A letter of intent to participate in the league should be sent to the league commissioner no later than July 1.
    2. Withdrawal from the league must be done in writing, to the league commissioner, prior to the Scheduling Meeting.

      Teams withdrawing from the league will be refunded their performance bond, less any penalties owed for violations of league By-Laws and Rules. Withdrawal anytime after the Scheduling Meeting will result in the team forfeiting their Annual Dues.
  4. Probation:
    1. If it is determined that a league team violated a WCHSHL provision, that team may be put on probation by a three-quarter majority vote of league teams at the next scheduled meeting. If that violation is not resolved, or any additional violations occur prior to the next regular playing season, the violating team may be expelled by a two-thirds majority vote at the next scheduled meeting.
  5. Expulsion:
    1. No team shall be expelled except by a two-thirds majority vote of all other teams in the league.
Article IV. Dues:
The Annual Dues shall be three hundred dollars ($300.00) per team, plus a two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) team performance bond. Each team shall maintain a ($250.00) dollar performance bond throughout the season, and will be invoiced monthly should their bond fall below ($250.00). Funds may be used to pay ice and referee fees for "no shows". The annual dues shall be paid to WCHSHL, at or before the Scheduling Meeting, of the up coming season. If dues are not paid, a $50.00 late fee per month will be assessed. Dues shall pay for the following expenses:
  • league awards
  • administrative expenses
  • newsletters
  • Cofrin and McGuire Cup tournament costs (ice, referees, etc.)
  • miscellaneous expenses
Article V. League Meetings:
  1. Team Representatives:
    1. Each league team shall designate two (2) representatives, one designated as the Voting representative, the other as the Alternate representative. Each team shall notify the league Commissioner of the representatives names in writing or via e- mail, prior to the spring meeting. If the Voting representative is absent, a vote by the Alternate representative, team organization President, or other designated representative shall be accepted. Each team in good standing will have only one vote on all actions, regardless of the number of representatives named or present. The method of voting shall be at the discretion of the majority of member teams present.
  2. Quorum:
    1. An official meeting quorum shall be met by a simple majority of the league team's representatives being present.
    2. An official meeting quorum, for a special meeting requested by a league team, shall be met by a three-quarter majority of the league team's representatives being present.
  3. League Evaluation Meeting:
    1. The annual league meeting shall be held by the end of April to conduct a review of the season. League business may be conducted at this, or any other, league meeting.
  4. League Scheduling Meeting:
    1. The league scheduling meeting shall be held prior to the start of the season to schedule league games for the upcoming season.
  5. Special Meeting:
    1. The league Commissioner may call a special meeting to act upon special situations that may occur at any time.
    2. A league team may request the league Commissioner to call a special meeting, and the Commissioner is obligated to call the special meeting if all of the following conditions are met:
      1. The league team requesting the meeting has notified the league Commissioner and all league teams of the reason(s) and proposed date for the meeting 30 days prior to the date of the actual meeting.
      2. At least a three-quarter majority of the league teams agree in writing or via e-mail to the special meeting.
  6. Attendance:
    1. Each team is required to attend all of the above meetings. A fine of one hundred twenty five dollars ($125.00) will be deducted from the performance bond of each team absent from the meeting. A team missing two (2) consecutive meetings will be fined two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for being absent from the second and any additional consecutive meeting. These fines will not be waived except under special circumstances, (bereavement for example) determined by the league Commissioner.
  7. Agenda Items:
    1. The purpose of the annual review meeting is to discuss league operation and establish league policies. Topics for consideration shall be sent to the Commissioner no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled meeting date.
Article VII. Amendments:
  1. A proposed amendment may be submitted to the league Commissioner or a league officer at any time, but must be submitted at least 30 days prior to a scheduled meeting in order to be acted upon at the next meeting. The scheduling meeting is considered a regular meeting.
  2. Any proposed amendment may be adopted by a three-quarter majority vote of the league teams at the next regular meeting.
Article VIII. Special Conditions:
  1. By-Laws can be waived or modified by a three-quarter majority vote of the league team's representatives when it is determined to be in the best interest of the WCHSHL or its individual members.

Revised 12-1-10